HDBank has cooperated with GalaxyOne in AWS Cloud service

As one of the leading joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam with a fast growth rate over the years. To maintain that stability and success, HDBank has continuously accelerated the implementation of key projects in digitization: Digitizing the customer journey at the counter; Digitize the online customer journey with pioneering technologies such as eKYC, enhanced authentication integration via video call…; Digitizing internal communication and exchange systems; Collect and analyze big data; Process automation by applying RPA technology; Virtual assistant (Voice Bot) and Neo Bank mobile application. Therefore, HDBank’s technology infrastructure requires continuity, stability and high load capacity, and costs must be optimized during operation. Therefore, with the outstanding advantages of cloud computing technology, AWS Cloud is the most optimal solution that HDBank trusts and chooses to apply in this foundational journey.

According to a representative of HDBank: “We have worked with GalaxyOne to build a solid infrastructure based on AWS Cloud technology, in order to take full advantage of the company power, strong technology to modernize business models, quickly respond to the expansion and new product development to serve business goals. Having cooperated with GalaxyOne for many years, HDBank highly appreciates GalaxyOne’s capacity and experience in providing cloud computing services, especially 24/7 support and reasonable costs.”

Switching to cloud solutions is a trend of many businesses and HDBank is no exception. In addition to technology power, cost and flexible scalability, the liberation of operational personnel to focus on high-value work, both promotes and motivates personnel to develop, in accordance with business development orientation along with human development that HDBank is aiming for.

Mr. To Duy Hinh – Director of MSP Center, GalaxyOne said: “In the 4.0 era, traditional IT infrastructure has many limitations, which not only cause waste of resources but also bring an unpleasant experience. This challenge inspired GalaxyOne where innovative technology are applied to create the best customer experience. GalaxyOne ensures that cloud services and solutions will be customized, flexibly designed for each industry group, with optimal cost and absolute information security.”

GalaxyOne is currently an AWS consulting partner, bringing the world’s leading cloud service to help 20+ businesses in the Sovico Group succeed in their digital transformation journey.

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